Edward Chell, Eclipse

This artist’s book-cum-botanical guide records 40 works from Chell’s ongoing series of silhouette paintings of common plants found as readily in a Kentish woodland as on a motorway verge.  Includes Jenny Uglow’s essay on the history and continuing significance of the silhouette and an interview with Chell unpicking his obsession with plants that thrive both in conventional and unconventional landscape places.

texts by: Edward Chell, Dan Howard-Birt, Jenny Uglow
cloth-bound hardback, 108 pages, 2013
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Holly Story, Make Believe

Holly Story created small woven forms in spent plant matter while on residency at King’s Wood.  This book records these works interspersed with photographs by Nigel Green of dens built by children throughout the forest. This book includes a new text by Robert Macfarlane interrogating the seemingly ubiquitous desire in children to build and so transform a woodland environment

texts by: Dan Howard-Birt, Robert Macfarlane, Lucy Medhurst
softback, 32 pages, 2013
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Lucy Medhurst, Science Nature and Identity - Understanding the Value of Experiential Learning in a Land Art Context

This academic title seeks to identify and evaluate what educational outcomes emerge through the use of experiential learning in a Land Art context.

softback, 108 pages, 2012
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Mike Marshall, Open Space 

Invited to make work responding to the forest environments of King’s Wood, Kent and the New Forest, Hampshire, Marshall also traveled to Cyprus to investigate a very different collection of trees.  This book extensively documents 4 new video works and a series of photographs.

texts by: Mike Marshall, Christopher Townsend, Robin Wilson
softback, 96pages, 2011
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Vera Möller, Fictional Hybrids

Issues of hybridity and mutation are explored in the photographic work of Vera Möller, animating a fine line between nature’s extraordinary wonder and the looming threat of bio-scientific contamination.

texts by: Ian Bride, Justin Clemens, Laurie Duggan, Peter Vujakovic
softback, 64 pages, 2011
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Gregory Pryor, King’s Wood Illuminations

Taking the form of a journal kept throughout the artist’s residency in King’s Wood, this book juxtaposes diaristic text with a series of photographs of ‘light pools’ on the forest floor. The generosity of the writing allows the reader to really get inside the head of an artist as thoughts and ideas gestate into new art works.

signed and numbered by the artist
cloth-bound hardback, 104 pages, 2009
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King’s Wood: A Context

This title celebrates the first 10 years of Stour Valley Arts in King’s Wood and documents commissions made in the forest by artists Chris Drury, Dominique Bailly, Edwina fitzPatrick, Hamish Fulton, Peter Fillingham, Richard Harris, Rosie Leventon and Susan Derges. An insightful interview with the founding Director explores SVA’s evolving curatiorial agendas and methodologies.  Other texts investigate ‘place’ with regard to the particular history and geography of King’s Wood, and provide a survey of the artistic movements and moments (such as Land Art) that form another historic context for these works.

texts by: Joy Sleeman, Doreen Massey, Jenny Uglow, Jeremy Theophilus, Sandra Drew
hardback, 96 pages, 2005
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Jem Finer, Score For a Hole In The Ground  

This book traces its development from sketchbook ideas to physical realisation of Score for a Hole in the Ground, a major work by British artist Jem Finer, and in some way a sister piece to his Artangel commissioned Longplayer.Relying simply on gravity and rainfall, Finer describes this work as ‘both music and an integrated part of the landscape and the forces that operate on it and in it’.

texts by: Jem Finer, Jeremy Theophilus, Jeremy Millar, David Toop
hardback, 80 pages, 2008
[£15 Buy Now]

Judy Gordon & David Barnett, Figments

7 digital panoramic photographs in which figments of urban life and a working forest collide.  These images are not passive, but can be animated to witness not just the scene in front of the camera, but a 360˚view teeming with malevolent threat and subterranean infrastructure. NOTE THIS IS A CD:ROM AND IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MOST SYSTEMS TODAY - PLEASE CHECK BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER.  The disc is accompanied by a short booklet.

Judy Gordon & David Barnett
text by CD:ROM w/ 12 page insert, 2001
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Stephen Turner, Tree Rings

Canvases placed around particular trees in King’s Wood were left for up a year to record the fall of leaf matter and the growth of fungii and moss.  Each ‘painting’ portrays the specific ecology of that site while narrating the cycles of growth, decay and rejuvenation of the forest.

texts by: Stephen Turner, Martin Hall, Jeremy Theophilus
softback, 60 pages, 2003
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Emily Richardson, Time Frames 

In her 16mm film, ‘Aspect’, Richardson portrays the forest year condensed into a few minutes. This book places this newly commissioned film in the context of two previous films, ‘Redshift’ and ‘Nocturne’, and uses still images as well as clips from all three to illustrate her use of light and shadow to abstract the real environment in which light is the main protagonist.  Artist A CD of Benedict Drew’s soundtrack accompanies the book.

texts by: Nicky Hamlyn, Mark Edwards, Ed Baxter
softback with audio CD, 72 pages, 2004


image Edwina Fitzpatrick, Arboreal Laboratory 
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image Susan Derges, Kingswood 
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image Lukasz Skapski, Light Works 
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